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Dr. Reaner & Mr. Henry Shannon Lectureship in Minority Health - Shared screen with speaker view
Kirby Randolph
#sayhername Black women are also killed by police.
Bob Batterson
What are some of the things that you believe non-minority physicians can do to improve the lives of our black colleagues?
Jacob Lee (he/him)
Thank you so much for your time Dr. Harris. Working in an safety net system, so much of what you say rings true. What do you think are the most important conversations to have with our patients in a clinic setting?
Raymond Samuel
How can DEI initiatives move from “political correctness” to empowerment of targeted vulnerable populations and communities?
Tyler K. Smith, MD
What were some of the challenges you faced as a woman of color and being actively involved in leadership in a professional organization?
Jessica Hellings
thanks so much Dr Harris for all your work! can you help us understand how we can help prevent homelessness given that the predisposition to it often starts very early in life and so many have mental illness? l
Traci Johnson, MD
I feel as if students of color schools need to see other health care physicians of color to “see” that it is possible. as an academic physician, what tools have you utilized to be successful in finding time and support in these outreach and mentoring opportunities when they do not directly generate revenue? it is difficult to account for the community need on paper...
Qiana Thomason
Love the concept of narrative medicine. Physicians are some of the most powerful health equity advocates, when they work "with" and not "for" their patients. Patient storytelling is a powerful tool in advocacy.
Ed Kraemer
AMA has been appropriately vocal at times on the public health crisis of gun violence. Where does this topic currently stand as a priority and what can we do at a state/local level to have the greatest impact?
Qiana Thomason
The allostatic load of black women leaders is immeasurable.
Adam Algren
Thank you for such a thoughtful, comprehensive assessment and thank you for your leadership and service.
Diana Dark
This has been a wonderful and enlighte
Diana Dark
enlightening presentation. Thank you so much!
Betty Drees
Thank you Dr. Harris for sharing your insights today. And thank you to Dr. Reaner and Mr. Henry Shannon for their vision in funding this lectureship.
Kristen Kleffner
Thank you so very much! Thanks to so many SNMA students for attending as well!
AnnMarie Sykes
Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Harris!